Our Team

Paulo Marques

Managing Partner 

Founder of Sempre Gentil Funeral Agency. 

Paulo is responsible for the important decisions and manages the entire team. 

Professional qualification as a Funeral Agent. 

13 years of experience in the funeral business. 

Technical responsible for the entire funeral service. 

Financial and Commercial Manager at Sempre Gentil 

Tel: +351 91 332 84 45 (mobile network call cost) 

Manuel Afonso


Manuel is also the founder of the company.

Professional qualification as a Funeral Agent
It already has more than 30 years of experience.
Technical responsible for the entire funeral service.

Tel: +351 96 620 85 91 (mobile network call cost)

Bruno Teresa

Funeral Technical Helper

Bruno has been part of the company's staff since 2016.

Performs preparations for wakes, funerals.
It has the following tasks:

Organization of all tasks necessary for funeral directors to provide a quality service.

Responsible for treatment and tanoesthetics.

Responsible for the quality of materials

Stock Control

Edite Rodrigues


Edite has been with the company for 13 years.

He is responsible for the front office.

Its tasks are the bureaucratic organization of funerals.

You are responsible for tasks such as:

Death records and other documents necessary for the funeral

Treatment Processes Funeral

Handling processes by entities 

Administrative support and advice to families

Treatment and counseling in Cemetery Works (Tombstones, Tombstones, Graves, Ossuaries etc...)

Mobile: +351 96 813 39 02 (mobile network call cost)

Sofia Marques


Sofia started working at the company 12 years ago.

He is responsible for the company's BackOffice.

He is responsible for the company's financial and administrative control area and also manages Marketing.

Responsible for the Castro Marim Store

Professional Qualification in the areas of:

General contability
Computer analysis and programming
Labor and Funeral Activity Legislation
Budgeting and invoicing of products and services
Psychology of Grief
Floral Art.

Mobile: +351 91 480 08 76 (mobile network call cost)