About us

Sempre Gentil Funeral Agency was founded in May 2010, in Vila Real de Santo António with the aim of providing the necessary support in one of the most delicate moments of our lives, the loss.

Sempre Gentil is made up of a team of experienced professionals, trained in the field.

We do our work based on professional ethics, with the utmost respect, dignity and honesty in order to honor your loved one.

Over these years, we have been perfecting and innovating our service and closing some of the gaps that we have come across. With professionalism and humility we managed to create a business worthy of excellence.

Thus, today we have 2 stores, the headquarters in Vila Real de Santo António and the other in Castro Marim.

We have a room for treatment and hygiene, a cold room and a florist department.

We have extensive experience in Funeral and Cemetery Services.

We value, above all, a humane and quality service, since we are faced with situations in which zeal and care are of extreme importance.

Paulo Marques / Sofia Marques

Manuel Afonso